About Blink On Two
Blink On Two Studio is a collaboration of local, well trained photographers who have come together to deliver high quality images and designs to our community in the form of personal and small business products. It's our mission to understand the needs of the everyday person, their life, their passion, and their profession. We hope you'll enjoy all we do. It's all for you.
Bobby Carter
I'm a native Charlottean and I began my photography career by working behind the scenes in photography labs such as Jones & Presnell, American Studios and Del-Mar through the late 80s and early 90s. Del-Mar is where I met my best friend, Lynn Waddell. Even though I left the business for a 10 year banking career, I embraced the digital age when Photoshop was first released and began actually shooting images over 16 years ago. I've been a starving artist ever since and working in several fields over the years such as photojournalism, culinary, products, and portrait sessions in very diverse areas from personal portraiture work to graduation ceremony portraits. It's been quite a ride and I absolutely love what I do for a living.
Lynn Waddell
I'm a native South Carolinian, but transplanted to the North so I’ve never lived anywhere else but the Carolinas. I’m a true “Carolina” girl, so I eat grits and love sand between my toes. Started getting serious about photography in the early 90’s thanks to my first real job here in Charlotte. Fell in love with the camera since I’m much better at being behind it, rather than in front! Through the years I have maintained steady business with friends and locals. I hope to be able to provide excellent photography services with this new venture. I know that is possible thanks to my very best friend of well over 20 years, Bobby Carter. Together we can provide the utmost quality in photography and design. I look forward to seeing you in the Studio!
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